10 Quick Ways to Improve Your Social Media Profiles!

Posted 27 Apr '20

We get it. You're busy writing, posting, scheduling content and staying on top of the day-to-day running of your business. So sometimes the little things can slip through the cracks.

It's important to make sure your social media channels are up to date, consistent and represent your business and brand in the best way possible. We've put together a list of things you can do today (yes, today!) to make sure your social media channels are on point.

Let's go!

1. Consistent profile image

Make sure your profile image (your business logo or another photo) is consistent across all your social media channels. This will enable current and potential customers to find you easily. 

2. Consistent social media handle

Make it easy for customers to search and find you with consistent social media handles. Choose a handle is as close to your business name as possible and try to avoid initials and abbreviations.

3. Ensure your picture sizing is correct on every platform!

We see this all the time. A business creates an amazing Facebook header and it looks great on the desktop. But when you're on the Facebook app, half the text or image is cut off.  With over 80% of users accessing their social media platforms via an app at one stage or another, this is one thing you need to get right!

Headers and profile pictures display differently between platforms and sometimes between desktop versions and apps. Here's a list, so get checking!

4. Fill out as much as you can in your bio

More information on your social media channels makes it easier for your target audience to find you and connect with you.

Got an Instagram account? Then add that to your Facebook bio. If you have a website, then add that to your bios too. Add opening hours, email addresses etc and have a consistent 'blurb' across your social media platforms.

5. Remove photos or content that don't belong

Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook allow followers to tag businesses in their photos. Check regularly to ensure that you are happy with the content you are being tagged in. If not, remove it. It is your business, your brand! 

And if you are thinking it would be easier to not have followers tag you, you can turn this off in your settings.

6. Link to a landing page on Facebook and Instagram

Running a promotion at the moment? When your customers choose to visit your website from social media, make sure they are landing on a promotional page. Whatever the buzz is for your business, that's where you want to direct your social media traffic.

7. Image quality

There's nothing worse than seeing low resolution images on a business' social media channels. If you are going to post a video or photo, make sure it is the correct size for the channel you are posting on and that it's good quality. 

Anything low quality will make your page look amateurish and turn people away.

8. Ask customers or clients to leave a review for you. But not at the same time!

Reviews and social proof are an important part in today's digital landscape. When your customers are searching for you, one of the first things they will look at is your reviews.

Ask some of your best customers to leave a review for you. Ask them to share their positive experience and what they love about your product or services. Just make sure you stagger these requests out as sometimes social media platforms (and Google!) can flag your accounts if there is too much activity.

9. Give stories a try

Don't be afraid of them! Stories are a huge part of Instagram and they are gaining popularity on Facebook.

Stories are only available to your followers for 24 hours.  So seeing that little purple ring on Instagram (or blue ring on Facebook!) creates a sense of urgency and 'must see' with your followers. Stories can be photos or videos and you can personalise them with captions, emojis and music.

They are a great way to get information out fast to your followers and you could use them for special announcements, behind the scenes stuff and things you might not necessarily want on your everyday feed.

10. Use hashtags

Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags - use them! But whatever you do, don't put all 30 on Facebook! 

Pick a broad range of hashtags for Instagram - unique hashtags for your business, hugely popular hashtags and some in the middle. You won't be discovered on Instagram using 30 unique hashtags. And you won't be able to build some uniqueness with 30 popular hashtags.  Find a blend that works and stick to it.

So, there's 10 things to look at, 10 things to rejig. Pop this task in your diary and find a hour or so of your day to check on these things and implement them!

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