The 4 Reasons Why You Should Still be Marketing Through COVID-19.

Posted 16 Apr '20

With many companies turning to digital platforms to survive COVID-19, now is not the time to stop marketing your business.  But it is time to do things a little differently.

Let's look at four reasons why you should still be marketing your business through COVID-19.

1. Digital attention is at an all time high

With a lot of us being in self isolation and working from home, we are spending more time browsing the internet on our laptops and mobile devices.

Social media and connecting with your target audience is more important now than ever.  Post meaningul and socially responsibile content, and engage with your customers.  Focus on conversation and growing your followers, not converting them.

2. Competitors are pausing their marketing efforts

Businesses need to cut back expenses at a time like this and your competitors are no different. If they've had to close their doors, marketing and advertising will most likely be one of the areas they cut back on or take out completely. It's a kneejerk reaction.

This is your opportunity to get in there with the best marketing strategies and leave your competitors behind.  Research what your competitiors are doing and keep an eye on them.  Think outside the box!

3. Serve people now, build business later

Marketing through COVID-19 is not about building your business, it's about serving your existing and potential clients.  This is not the time to be pushing for sales so forget about trying to charge for things that people can get for free. 

If you're a photographer, film a video or do a live video on Facebook on ways to take great shots in self isolation with your iPhone.  If you're a personal trainer, film some free workouts and post them on your social media channels and your website to keep people healthy and active.

Serve your existing and potential customers now and focus on building your business later.

4. Brand Awareness

This is the perfect opportunity to build awareness of your business and brand while a majority of your audience is online! 

Use paid advertising on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and look at Google ads. Promote the content that you are using to serve your clients such as your free videos and gain a competitive advantage. 

You'll be at the forefront of your customer's minds when it comes to looking for your product or service once all of this is over. 

This will pass!

You may have seen a reduction in income and most likely have had to close your doors for a period of time.  But there are so many things you can do to engage and keep in contact with your existing and potential customers.

Do things differently and you'll stand out!  And as a result, people will walk back through the door when this challenging time passes.

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